Banat Diversity

Where is the Banat Diversity located?

Vršac, Vršac Hill and Gudurica settlement, Vršac Municipality, Banat County

Who is it intended for?

For preschool and school children up to 15 years old, as well as for their families.

What can be done or learnt here?

In Banat Variety you will get to know the variety of nature, culture and people, and learn how precious that is.

You will get to know the town of Vršac following the steps of Paja Jovanović, the famous Serbian painter, and Jovan Sterija Popović, the famous dramatist, but you will also see the vineyards in the vicinity of Gudurica.

On the Vršac Mountains, you will go mountain climbing and learn to orientate yourself in nature.

You will play with horses and learn their language, construct birdhouses and bird feeders and get to know domestic animals on a nearby educational farm.

You will learn traditional games and crafts, but also engage in the modern sporting activities.

You will make your own environmental corner, to serve as a reminder that the variety around us needs to be preserved!

All the activities can be related to the school curriculum.

Where are the activities performed?

In Gudurica, in the Red Cross premises on the Vršac Hill, on the Vršac Mountains and in the town of Vršac.

How many days can you spend here?

The programmes can vary from daily to weekly, including weekend programmes. The programme is available throughout the year.

When can you visit the Banat Diversity?

From April till October.

Where can you stay?

In the Red Cross premises on the Vršac Hill.

How many guests can the Banat Diversity receive?

The Red Cross premises are equipped with 100 beds and are adapted for school groups.

How can you reach the Banat Diversity ?

Address: Topovski put bb, Vršac, Phone: +381 13 838 657, +381 13 838 655 and Fax: +381 13 838 656, /

Contents and possibilities the Banat Diversity offers