Magical Village

Where is the Magical Village located? The Vrujci Spa, Mionica Municipality, Kolubara County Who is it intended for? Magical Village is intended for 5-12 years old children What can be done or learnt here? In the Magical Village you will meet the fairies Đurđica (Lily Fairy), Sunčica (Sunny Fairy), Bosiljčica (Basil Fairy) and Božica (Christmas Fairy), who will help you learn about: the characteristics of seasons, flora and fauna of the Western Serbia and natural beauties of the Vrujci Spa. The fairies will be your hosts in their colourful cottages equipped to suit children with all the accompanying materials for playing and learning. The fairies will teach you about the farming tasks and farm organization, such as: how to run a farm how to keep a farmhouse yard how to make magical bread how to weave and embroider magical shepherd’s bag how to make the toys from older days how to play forgotten games You will have an opportunity to become: magical hosts magical cooks magical gardeners magical apothecaries magical craftsmen magical meteorologists magical scouts You will leave our Magical Village with a diploma of a nature guarding wizards who can value farm work, make bread, weave on a loom, orientate in space and read signs in nature. Where are the activities performed? In the Magical Village, its houses, meadows, orchards, fields, farms and river. How many days can you spend here? The Magical Village offers daily trips, weekend arangements, weekly recreational classes, 10 days’ summer schools and multi-day camping trips. When can you visit the Magical Village? From April to October Where can you stay? In the “Vrujci” hotel, “Kondir” motel, Villa “Mica” and Villa “Iva”. How many guests can the Magical Village receive? Magical Village can take in 20-100 preschool and school children Contents and possibilities the Magical Village offers: