Miraculous Treasures of Djerdap

Where is the Miraculous Treasures of Djerdap located?

The village of Tekija, Kladovo Municipality, Bor County

Who is it intended for?

For the pupils of senior classes of primary school, high school and university students.

What can be done or learnt here?

You will get to know flora and fauna, but also the historical and cultural heritage within the Đerdap National Park, and learn to make:

clay objects in the Ancient Roman tradition

handicrafts made of wood

Here you will hang out with captains and fishermen, and with their help learn to:

sail a single-oar fishing boat

navigate the boat through the narrows of the Danube and

tie different sailing knots, as well as to

catch a catfish.

You will get to know the ancient traditions of the locals and learn basic steps of the Vlach dances.

You will get the chance to visit a unique Museum of Old Computers and IT Equipment which is situated in the primary school premises in Tekija!

In the primary school “Svetozar Radić“ in Tekija, on the Tekija strand, in the old school and ethno-house of Mika Novaković in Golo Brdo, near the remains of the Trajan’s Bridge in the vicinity of Kladovo, in the Museum of Đerdap and the Kladovo Community centre.

How many days can you spend here?

The Miraculous Treasure of Đerdap offers daily, weekend and weekly programmes.

When can you visit the Miraculous Treasures of Djerdap?

From April to October.

Where can you stay?

Privately owned boarding houses in Tekija, the Tekija Motel, in the school premises during the summer break and in “Đerdap” hotel in Kladovo.

How many guests can the Miraculous Treasures of Djerdap receive?

A full bus of students can be accommodated in Tekija, 30 people can stay in the school, while the capacities of the hotel are much larger.

How can you reach the Miraculous Treasures of Djerdap?

You can come to Tekija by an organized transportation provided by a tourist agency, or by a direct bus line, Belgrade-Kladovo (via Požarevac) at 06.00, 09.00, 13.00, 17.00 i 19.30 from Belgrade and Belgrade-Kladovo (via Zaječar) at 15.30 from Belgrade, as well as from Niš (via Knjaževac, Negotin and Kladovo).

Contact persons:

Sideris Mihajlo, Add: I.L.Ribara 23 Tekija, e mail: sideris@kladovonet.com +381 63 80 04 352, school principal

Balić Zorica, primary school “Svetozar Radić „ Tekija, Add: Koče Anđelkovića 65. E-mail: ostekija@ptt.rs, +381 64 84 61 187, school secretary

Caranović Danijela, Tourist association of Tekija, +381 63 86 18 017, president of Tekija Tourism Association

Contents and possibilities the Miraculous Treasures of Djerdap offers: