Camp of Working Hands

Where is the Camp of Working Hands located?

In the village of Paležnica, Ljig Municipality, Kolubara County

Who is it intended for?

For primary school pupils

What can be done or learnt here?

Most of the workshops are related to the school curriculum (obligatory subjects: Serbian Language, History, Biology, World around Us, as well as to the optional subjects: Nature Keepers, Everyday Life in the Past, National Tradition)

By using a number of traditional techniques, the old crafts can be learned

In the workshop named “From Grain to Bread”, organized in a river mill, the children can learn how to make bread.

The menu is compiled and breakfast and dinner are prepared together with the women from the “Golden Hands” association.

You can learn penmanship in the calligraphy workshop “Noted by Prota’s Quill”.

In the poetry and language workshop named “In Desanka’s Footsteps” the children will learn about the life and work of Desanka Maksimović, the famous poet.

Compost is made in the ecology workshops, and the knowledge on the importance of nature protection is passed on.

In the Camp of Working Hands a lot can be learned about medicinal herbs, which shall be picked, dried and used.

You shall also help the birds by birdhouses.

-a part of the extracurricular activities, outside official education system-

You will learn to orientate yourself while walking the trails together with the mountaineers.

Where are the activities performed?

In the village school in Paležnica, allocated class of the primary school “Sava Kerković“ from Ljig, in the primary school „Prota Mateja Nenadović“ in Brankovina, in the village of Paležnica, in the village water mill on the river of Marica, on the meadows and tracks leading to the Vrujci Spa.

How many days can you spend here?

Here you can spend 5 full days rich in activities, including 1 or 2 days’ stay in the cultural and historical complex of Brankovina.

When can you visit the Camp of Working Hands?

In June, July, August and September

Where can you stay?

In the village school in Paležnica, which was adapted and equipped to accommodate children.

How many guests can the Camp of Working Hands receive?

25 pupils + 3 teachers

How can you reach the Camp of Working Hands?

The camp is situated in the village of Paležnica, near Ljig.

All information is provided on the web address or asked for by sending an e-mail on contact phone: +381 14 34 45 172

Contents and possibilities the Camp of Working Hands offers: