Educational Adventure

Where is the Educational Adventure located?

Ravna, Balta Berilovac, Knjaževac Municipality, Timok County

Who is it intended for?

Children 8-12 years old, youth, families with children.

What can be done or learnt here?

Archaeology and ecology probe (extracurricular activity) will give you the opportunity to explore the site as true archaeologists and undertake an adventure of searching objects from the past. You will find out what sorts of things can be found in the soil, what is the benefit and what are the consequences to the environment.

Pottery workshop (related to folk tradition) represents an encounter with an old handiwork technique that made Knjaževac and the vicinity famous, due to the skill of the master potters. In the specific environment of the reconstructed village community, you will learn how to use leg operated pottery wheel and to make your own clay souvenir, alone, or helped by your friends;

Conservation workshop (extracurricular activity) will enable you to mend the unmendable. You will combine the parts of ceramic dishes, found on the nearby ancient ages site, into beautiful antique bowls and learn the secrets of conservation through play;

Knjaževac from A to Z, (extracurricular activity) a brief alphabetical overview of the Knjaževac area’s attractions and values, given in a form of a game and quiz, takes you on a journey of knowledge;

From trail to treasure, (extracurricular activity) with the help of an illustrated map, solving puzzles and tasks. By moving around, you learn the skill of orienteering and get to know the landmarks of Knjaževac;

Getting around nature – orientation, camping, nutrition, erecting bivouacs (related to Nature Watch and World around Us, National Tradition) In the beautiful environment, at the foot of the Stara Mountain, aided by an experienced guide, you will learn the skills of orienteering in nature, how to nurture yourself and survive in nature, how to erect a tent and find an appropriate location for bivouac;

From sheering to the loom – training in the old techniques of weaving, knitting and embroidery (related to Nature Keepers and World around Us, National Tradition), instructed by the skilful embroiderers, knitters and weavers, you will pass the journey from the sheered fleece and stranded thread to a lovely scarf, belt or shirt ornament;

Old shepherd’s games (related to Nature Keepers and World around Us, National Tradition), How did children on the Stara Mountain entertain themselves while they guarded their herds on the mountain pastures? Learn it through games aided by the experienced shepherds from the Stara mountain, together with your friends;

Saved by the Bell and other school related stories, (related to Nature Watch and World around Us, National Tradition) shall be told in a classroom of the old village school, featuring the use of old teaching resources, as well as strict and morose village teacher;

Knots (extracurricular activity) Nikola shall explain which one is harder, to tie or to untie the knot, be that a sailor’s, ambulance, hunter’s or some other type. There is only one way to find out, to learn to do it properly.

Where are the activities performed?

In Ravna Archaeo-Ethno Park, in the nearby school, in the Local Heritage Museum in Knjaževac, in the town of Knjaževac, in the schoolyard of the village school in Balta Berilovac, by the nearby river, on Babin Zub and on the Stara Mountain;

How many days can you spend here?

Educational Adventure offers daily, weekend, 5 and 7 days programmes, including the accommodation in the Stara Mountain Mountaineering Lodge;

When can you visit the Educational Adventure?

Educational Adventure is organized from May to October.

Where can you stay?

Accommodation in the village school and Ravna Archaeo-Ethno Park for smaller groups (25-30 participants), Mountaineering Lodge Babin Zub on the Stara Mountain for 50-60 participants, hotel on the Stara Mountain for families with children.

How many guests can the Educational Adventure receive?

Group size: 5-50 participants.

How can you reach the Educational Adventure?

Address and contact data:

Zavičajni muzej Knjaževac (Local Heritage Museum of Knjaževac), Karađorđeva 15, 19350 Knjaževac, +381 19 731 407; e-mail:;

Turistička organizacija Knjaževac (Knjaževac Tourism Organization), Knjaza Miloša 37, +381 19 735 230,


Contents and possibilities the Educational Adventure offers: