Open Village School

Where is the Open Village School located?

The village of Pranjani ,Takovo, Gornji Milanovac Municipality, Central Serbia

Who is it intended for?

Children 7 to 15 years old from Serbia and the neighbouring countries.

What can be done or learnt here?

In the Open Village School you can

Learn to play chess,

Make puppet theatre plays, create puppets and stage design,

Write news and reports and research interesting local stories (such as those related to the Halyard pilot saving mission from the WWII) in our journalism workshop.

Apart from acquiring unusual skills such as painting on glass and silk, here you will get to know the tradition and:

Learn to weave and do embroidery and make the local Middle Ages costumes and national folk costumes,

Visit farms and familiarize with their way of life through participating in the farming activities,

Learn how to grind wheat in water mills, but also how to make candies.

These, as well as many other activities offered by the Open Village School, can be organized as extracurricular and curricular activities (related to Serbian Language, Music and Art, History, Physical Education, Biology, Geography, Computer Science and Technology, etc.).

Where are the activities performed?

Classrooms and school yard, meadows, farms, forests, river and spring banks.

How many days can you spend here?

Programme lasts 1 day to 1 week.

When can you visit the Open Village School?

The Open Village School offers programmes throughout the year.

Where can you stay?

Ethno-farm “Jevtović“ in Leušići, sports and recreation centre “Momčilo Čeković“ in Koštunići, ethno-farm “Vesković“ in Koštunići, ethno-complex “Anđelija Mišić“ in Koštunići.

How many guests can the Open Village School receive?

The Open Village School can accommodate 250 children, and is suitable for organized school visits.

How can you reach the Open Village School?

Primary school “Ivo Andrić“, 32308 Pranjani, e-mail: veb:; Tel/fax:+381 32 841 521, +381 32 844 500, +381 64 214 618 9

Contents and possibilities the Open Village School offers: