educational tourism

What is educational tourism?

Tourism that aims at acquiring certain knowledge through the designed programmes can be called educational tourism.

Why is it important?

Educational tourism is important because it helps children and youth in gaining functional knowledge, developing creativity and making contacts.

Through which models can it be developed?

We have developed models through which children can learn in accordance with the curriculum, but also gain various knowledge and experiences that are not related to their school subjects.

Educational Farm

This is the place where children learn about rural life through the everyday farm activities (feeding animals, cultivating plants, making dairy products, observing the bread making process, observing bees, gathering honey, etc.).

While staying on this farm, children are fed on domestic products.

Edutainment Centres

In these centres, children learn through games and practical work (they apply their knowledge about nature in cultivating gardens, growing fruit and vegetables; they utilize in their mathematics and physics knowledge in building a mini-cottage; their linguistic knowledge is perfected by exploring local dialects and toponyms of the area in which the centre is located; they develop their visual and art culture by learning how to weave or make ceramic objects; musical culture is developed through the studying of traditional instruments, etc.).

Discovery Centre

With the technical and technological equipment needed for realization of the designated activities, these centres can organize conservation activities, nature exploration, historical and cultural research, scientific explorations and experiments, etc.

Rural Thematic Centres

where activities can be related to different topics: archaeology, ecology, recycling, sport, adventure, etc. One of the potential models is the

Art Centre

where the love for art and talents that children and youth possess are cultivated, together with the strong bond to nature.

In these centres, children and youth can paint, sculpt, make useful objects and perfect their skills.

Educational tourism in Serbia has been developed within the United Nations Joint Programme “Sustainable Tourism for Rural Development”.